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Contacting KlickTrack Support
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Got a question? Need support? The KlickTrack Support Team is here to help!


Contact Support

Standard Support Hours: Monday - Friday 8 am - 6 pm (PST)

  • Email [email protected]   

    • You'll receive a ticket for your inquiry or help request and a KlickTrack Technical Support Specialist will contact you. 

  • Call us at (360) 858-6058.

Urgent Issue

An Urgent Issue is defined as a whole or critical part of KlickTrack that is unusable, causing an immediate impact on one or all users. Two cases we consider URGENT:

  • Inability to ring sales

  • Register app or back office is completely down


In case of an emergency, KlickTrack has alerts set up whenever you email [email protected] with URGENT in the subject line describing the emergency situation. This will be escalated and attended to as quickly as possible. 


You can also call (360) 858-6058 to reach the service line and be connected to a support agent during an emergency outside of normal service hours

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