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Configuring label sizes for the Zebra ZD410 printer
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Before running sales transactions that require compliant deli-style labels to be printed, you need to make sure that your Zebra printer is connected to your PC and that your printer labels have been configured to the correct size.


In this article, you will find step-by-step instructions for configuring your Zebra ZD410 labels to the correct 2x1 size on your PC and in the KlicTrack app.



A series of label configuration steps will need to be taken for the deli-style labels to print correctly during sales transactions. While these steps may initially seem like a lot, the good news is that you only need to take these steps once (barring a few exceptions which we’ve outlined in the FAQ area below).



⚠ The instructions in this article are for dispensaries printing deli-style labels on the Zebra ZD410 printer via a PC running Windows 10. If you are running a different Windows version or connecting via a Mac, please reach out to our Customer Support team, and we will work with you on options.


Step 1: How to configure your label size on your PC

Before you start:


  • The Zebra printer label sizes need to be configured via the “Zebra Setup Utilities” app. If you have not downloaded and installed the app, please do so before following the instructions below.



1. Open the “Zebra Setup Utilities” app


2. In the printer list, you should see your Zebra ZD410 printer. Click on it so it highlights blue.


3. Click on the “Configure Printer Settings” button in the printer configuration portion of the window.



4. In the “Printer Settings” screen, you can input the height and weight of the label. Once you’ve set the dimensions, click “Finish.”


 Please note that it may take a moment for the "Zebra Setup Utility" app to apply the label size change you've made. You can confirm the changes have been applied by clicking on the "Configure Printer Settings" button again and viewing the saved label dimensions.


Step 2: Calibrate your Zebra ZD410 printer

Before you start:


  • Make sure you have a label roll inserted into your Zebra ZD410 printer


Calibrating your Zebra ZD410 printer will help prevent your labels from printing off-center or running off the edge.


1. Press the power button and wait for the solid green status indicator light.


2. Hold the pause and cancel buttons down for 2-3 seconds and let go. This will adjust the printer head to your paper alignment. This process may take a few seconds, and the printer may feed out a few blank labels.


3. The calibration is complete once the printer stops and the status indicator light is solid green.

Step 3: Configure your browser print setting in KlickTrack

Before you start:


  • Your PC will need to be in register mode to access the deli-style label printing functionality.




1. Trigger the label “Print Preview” modal by taking the following steps:

  • In the register, select a bulk weight flower product.

  • Click the gram “g” bar to enter weight (if your product is associated with multiple lots, you will need to choose which lot to pull from)

  • Enter a purchase weight in the weight modal and click “Add scale weight.” This will pop the “print preview” modal.


2. Click the “Print Label” button on the “Print Preview” modal. This will open your browser print dialog.


3. Make sure that the correct printer is selected on the print dialog box, and then click the “More Settings” caret to expand the settings area.



4. In the expanded settings panel, check the “Paper Size” field. You want this area to be blank as that informs the printer to use the label size that you have previously configured.


 When you expand the More settings panel, the paper size may be listed as “User-defined” or maybe even have a name in it. You want to pick the empty option.


5. Next, go to the “Scale” field, select “Custom,” and enter the value of 31.


 We do not recommend increasing the size of the label scale beyond 31. While it may initially appear that all of the content fits on the label that is scaled higher you run the risk of information getting cut off due to a longer vendor or product name.


6. The last step here is to adjust the margins. Start by going to the “Margins” field and selecting “Custom.” This will allow you to adjust the margins of the label manually. 



7. Manually adjust the label as follows:

  • Pull the top margin all the way up, so the margin is set at “0.”

  • Pull the bottom margin all the way down, so the margin is set at “0.”

  • Pull your right margin out to “0.1.”

  • Pull your left margin out to “0.1.”



8. Your final step is to click the “Print” button and print a test label using the configuration settings you just applied.

  • If the printed label displays as expected then you are done configuring labels.

  • If the printed labels are not displaying correctly please try calibrating your Zebra ZD410 printer again.


General FAQ

1. What changes would require me to have to re-configure my label sizes?

  • If you decide to utilize a different PC for printing labels

  • If you decide to use an entirely different browser such as Internet Explorer or Safari

  • If you create a new profile, that clears all the information the browser stores.

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